Choose the best verb collocation to complete each sentence.

1. I a feeling that she was trying to trick me into lending her money.
2. You won’t understand the concept unless you attention to what I’m saying.
3. A girl at work me a lovely compliment at work yesterday. She said I reminded her of her father!
4. Our competition has lowered their prices by 8%. If we don’t action immediately, we’re going to have a drop in sales this quarter.
5. I went out with a couple of mates last night to a few beers.
6. After Simon died, we went to the funeral to our respects to his family.
7. I a liking to our new boss as soon as he introduced himself.
8. I think you should a chance and buy that car. Even though it’s second hand, it’s in really good condition.
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Find one word that can be used to complete all three sentences.


I applied for the
of sales executive at my local Apple store.
She put me in a really difficult
when she asked to borrow my new car for the weekend.
The Karma Sutra describes different ways to
the body in order to enjoy sex.

The customer is
to choose which model to buy, and the cost is the same for each one.
The software is entirely
of charge, although you can pay for the professional edition which has more features.
I've been completely
from pain since I started going to an acupuncturist.

Could you do me a
and put those boxes in the car? I’ve got a really bad backache and they’re a bit heavy.
We were asked to vote at the meeting, but not one person was in
of the proposal to ban dogs from going inside the social club..
After being out of fashion for years, speaking the student's native language in the classroom is now back in
with teachers.

Students in Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam seem to have more
for teachers than they do in Europe and North America.
to your comments during last Friday’s meeting, I feel that we should open the subject up for discussion again.
The concert has been cancelled out of
for the tragic death of the lead singer’s daughter.

The police are going to
the suspect with burglary and rape after he was arrested in his house in central London last week.
Don’t forget to
all of the video camera batteries before we go on holiday. They’ve all gone flat.
I’m waiting to see how much he’s going to
me for designing the web page before I decide what to do.

When you go to London, don’t miss the opportunity of going up on the London
. It’s the big wheel next to the River Thames and there’s a great view of London from the top.
Can you keep an
on my rucksack while I go to the toilet?
We are looking for someone who has an
for design and who will be able to contribute creatively to the team.

How much
does your mobile phone have?
This building was constructed in
of Sir Craig Philip, who wrote some of his most famous novels here in the late 20th century.
I think my
is going. I can’t even remember what I had for dinner last night.

When we went to see Madonna, we had a lousy
of the stage. All we could see were the heads of the people in front of us.
During the meeting I was asked to give my
of the new product line. I told them I thought the company would lose a lot of money with it.
The hotel was great. It served wonderful food, had good service and a very well-equipped gym. The only downside was the
from the balcony. All we could see was the wall of the hotel next door..

My cousin’s a lawyer, but she hasn’t got her own
. She works for a big law firm in the city.
I’ve read so many books on the technical side of camera work. I can’t wait to get out on location and put all the theory into
I haven't played snooker for years, so I'm probably a bit out of

Can you pick me up at the hotel around 4 o’clock, and
me off at the airport?
Look! Please let’s just
the subject. It’s making me angry and I’d rather talk about something else.
The weather forecast said that the temperature could
as low as 6 degrees below freezing tonight.
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In the following texts about Christmas there are three facts which are not true. Read the texts and try to find the lies.


Christmas Eve - December 24th

In England less emphasis is placed on Christmas Eve than in other countries, much more is made of Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Carol singing, midnight church services and going out to the pub are some of the activities that many families enjoy. In 1978, Father John Simmons opened the first Christmas pub inside a church in Newcastle.

Night time on Christmas Eve though is a very exciting time for young children. They believe that it is the time when Santa or Father Christmas comes. They hang up their stockings and go to sleep. In the UK, children traditionally sleep upside down in bed to ask for forgiveness for their bad behaviour during the year.

Some children believe that Santa and his elves make all the toys for Christmas in his home in Greenland. On Christmas Eve he puts all of the toys onto his sleigh and rides across the sky with his 9 reindeer. The most famous one is Ken who is always the one at the front, to lead the way with his red nose. In the morning when the children wake up they open their stocking presents. Traditionally on Christmas Eve mince pies and sherry (or milk) are left out for Santa and nowadays carrots are left for his reindeer. Most children are in bed way before midnight waiting for Santa to visit.

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Now do the same with this text. Find the 3 lies.

The Queen's Message

One Christmas ritual not drawn from an ancient tradition is the British monarch's broadcast on Christmas day. The tradition began in 1932 when King George V read a special speech written by Rudyard Kipling. The broadcast was an enormous success . It began, "I speak now from my home and from my heart, to you all...".

Queen Margaret II continues the tradition to this day. Every year she broadcasts her message on Christmas Day, and it is heard by millions of people all over the world. In England most people watch or listen to it whilst digesting their Christmas Dinner!

When Tony Blair was Prime Minister, he and the Queen sang a Christmas carol together to support the troops in Iraq. The Queen’s husband, The Duke of Edinburgh, does not usually appear in the Queen’s speech. However, in 2009 he joined the Queen in a touching tribute to Michael Jackson.

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