Choose the best word or phrase to complete the sentence.

1. I began to podcasting about 3 years ago. (meaning: to become interested in)
2. Do you know where I can buy some ? (meaning: marijuana)
3. After 7 pints and a curry I nearly . (meaning: to vomit)
4. A few days before we were suppose to sign the contract, they . (meaning: to get out of an agreement)
5. I told him we expect to paid 2.3 million Euros and he didn’t . (meaning: to not show surprise)
6. We haven’t done a very good job here, I think it’s time we . (meaning: to accept your punishment)
7. I’m getting some really bad from the bosses new personal assistant. (meaning: feelings)
8. Be careful! She’s a squash player. (meaning: really excellent)
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Choose the correct preposition.


1. I’m really excited going away this weekend.
2. His latest book is very different his previous one.
3. I’m jealous my sister because she’s really good with computers.
4. Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk is famous its wonderful Greene King beer.
5. What are you afraid ?
6. I’ve told you before not to do that. What the bloody hell is wrong you?
7. We’re extremely grateful everything you’ve done for us.
8. Cristina was angry me not remembering her birthday.
9. Who’s the person responsible Internet security in your company?
10. He’s very proud the fact that he succeeded without going to university.
11. We’re very disappointed your performance in sales this year, and I’m afraid we’re going to have to let you go.
12. I’m crazy this new girl who’s just started working in our office. She’s absolutely gorgeous!
13. Before you put up the money to invest this company, I think you should be aware the risks.
14. Don’t boast it, I think you should be ashamed what you did.
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Look at these hyphenated expressions that contain a number followed by two nouns.

A five-hour journey (a journey that lasts for five hours)
A four-course meal (a meal that has four courses)
An eleven-page contract (a contract that has eleven pages)

Change the following information so that it is before the noun. Follow the example:

Example: A run of five kilometres – a five-kilometre run.
1. a hotel with four stars

2. a course that lasts for two weeks

3. boy who is twelve years old

4. a speed limit of fifty kilometres an hour

5. a delay that went on for two and half hours

6. a flight that took nine hours

7. a book that has three hundred pages

8. a holiday that lasts three weeks

9. an online course that lasts two years

10. a church that was built four hundred years ago

11. a bill that is worth fifty dollars

12. a prison sentence of ten years
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Choose the best word or phrase to complete the sentence.

1. I tried to take some money out the machine this morning and the bloody thing ate my card!
2. They're more than just rich, they're absolutely in it.
3. We try to put a little money every month for when we go on our cruise next year.
4. The neighbours have put in a swimming pool and bought a new car. They've obviously got money to .
5. I find it difficult to on my salary. I certainly can't afford to go away on holiday.
6. My parents taught me the importance of saving up for day when I might need money in an emergency.
7. My account is always in the , and I have to pay a lot of bank charges as a result.
8. I can never save anything. Money just burns a hole in my .
9. I love shopping in the . The problem is, I can never resist buying things I don't really need.
10. I think the shop assistant made a mistake when she gave me my . It should have been five Euros, not fifteen.
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