Choose the correct linking expression.

1. the weather was terrible, he felt really good.
2. the bad weather, he felt really good.
3. it was raining, he felt really good.
4. it was cold, he felt really good.
5. the heavy rain, he felt really good.
6. he had a cold, he felt really good.
7. the fact he was ill, he felt really good.
8. his cold was very bad, he felt really good.
9. his terrible cold, he felt really good.
10. his wife had left him, he felt really good.

... the weather was terrible,
he felt really good.
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Escribe la palabra que corresponde utilizando como pista la columna de la izquierda.
En cada nueva palabra cambia una letra respecto a la palabra anterior. Intenta adivinar cual puede ser la palabra y si la desconoces comprueba con el diccionario (deducir palabras que puedes desconocer y hacer uso del diccionario son también formas efectivas de mejorar tu inglés).
1 The opposite of white
2 A _____ of flats
3 It tells the time
4 What you do with a computer mouse
5 A _______ salesman acts smoothly and efficiently (hábil, suave, profesional. También una mancha de aceite o petróleo)
6 Not tight (suelto, flojo)
7 A small rough house (chabola, choza, casucha)
8 A large fish with sharp teeth (tiburón)
9 The opposite of blunt (afilado)
10 You'll have to ______ as there aren't enough (compartir)
11 To look fixedly (mirar fijamente)
12 The ______ tyre is in the boot of the car (de repuesto)
13 Leave enough _______ to write your name
14 Saffron is a _______ that is added to paella.
15 A pointed piece of metal (barrote, pincho, punta)
16 We decided to go to the beach in _______ of the weather
17 The most important bone in your back (columna vertebral)
18 I wish the sun would ______ (brillar)
19 The noise made by a miserable dog (gimotear, lloriquear)
20 The opposite of black
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 Complete the sentences with the correct form of can, could or be able to. More than one answer may be possible. Follow the example.

1. Would you like to retire before you're 55, or do you think you'd get bored?
2. I've tried all the shops in the city, but I haven't find a bicycle that I really like.
3. In spite of ordering far too much food, my mother-in-law finish all of it and ask for a dessert!
4. We're fully booked this weekend, but we come round for dinner the weekend after.
5. Pepito loves go on holiday whenever he feels like it.
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The following words can easily be confused. Complete the sentences by using a suitable word from the box.

protested / complained / accused
sentenced / blamed / arrested


1. Pepito was of stealing candles from the church.
2. They David for losing the football match.
3. The demonstrators against globalisation and the exploitation of third world countries.
4. Pepito was for fighting in the street when Chelsea played Valencia in the Champions League.
5. Danny about the terrible service and the cold food we were served.
6. The judge Pepito to six months in prison for stealing the TV, telephone and mini bar from his hotel room in Barcelona.
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