Complete the sentences with the correct form of can, could or be able to. More than one answer may be possible. Follow the example.

Example: We both lost our jobs, so we haven't have a holiday this year.
1. A few of our workers have been off sick. I'm sorry, but we finish the project until the end of the month.
2. Sharks sleep while they are swimming.
3. I used to speak French, but now I've forgotten most of it.
4. My nephew speak fluent English, Spanish and German when he was only six years old.
5. You make some fantastic cakes when you get back from that cookery course next month.

We both lost our jobs, so we haven't
been able to have a holiday this year.
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The following words can easily be confused. Complete the sentences by using a suitable word.

disapproved / object / denied / disagree / rejected / refused

1. Thankfully, the council* plans to build a new motorway through our village.
2. Maria cheating in the exam.
3. Samantha’s parents of her going out with a married man.
4. We to working extra for nothing. Everybody should get paid!
5. I with people who want to legalize cannabis.
6. Pepito to accept my offer of 6000 Euros per month.

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 Find the second half of the following conditional sentences so that they all make sense.

- If I get home before 6 o’clock,
- If it doesn’t stop snowing,
- If we don’t hurry,
- If he doesn’t work harder,
- If the film starts at 7.30,
- If I help you,
- If you aren’t very hungry,

If I get home before 6 o'clock...
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Read the descriptions and write the adjectives.

1. A person who doesn’t notice what is happening around her/him and very often forgets things. - -
2. Someone who believes in his/her own values and abilities. - -
3. A person who shows good sense and judgement. A practical and logical person. -
4. Someone who is difficult to please because they only like a few things or like things in a particular way and will only accept exactly what they want. -
5. Someone who will listen to you. This person is ready to understand and help you. -
6. This type of person is determined and will not change her/his point of view even if he/she is wrong. - .
7. A person who changes temperament and has a variable character. This person can be happy one minute and miserable, annoyed and depressed the next minute.
8. Somebody who doesn’t like being the centre of attention and feels uncomfortable with others. This person is not typically very sociable. -
9. Somebody who is always smiling, optimistic and in a good mood. -
10. Somebody who tries to hurt or upset people on purpose, not caring about how these people feel. -
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