Choose the best word for each the sentence.

1. "How much beer do we need?"
"Oh, , I got some this morning."
2. "Which of these four colours would you like your flat to be painted?"
" I don't mind. I'm going to rent it, not live in it."
3. " Pablo or Juan has to go. One of them."
4. "Who do you prefer - Lady Gaga, Adele or Beyoncé?"
" of them. I don't think much of any of them."
5. "Who do you like, Brad Pitt or George Clooney?"
". I like them just the same.
6. "I've got two sweets left. Do you want ?"
7. "What do you feel like doing on Saturday night?"
" really. I'm not in the mood."

How much beer do we need?
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Read the descriptions and write the adjectives.
1. A person who doesn’t like sharing or giving things. The opposite of generous. -
2. Someone who likes giving orders and telling other people what to do. -
3. A lively person who likes to be doing something all the time. -
4. People, usually children, who get everything they want even when they shouldn’t. -
5. A person who isn’t interested in anybody but herself/himself. He/she thinks he/she is the only person who exists. -
6. A person who is aware of the feelings of others and is considerate. -
7. Somebody who thinks money and possessions are more important than anything else. -
8. Someone whose feelings are very easily hurt. -
9. Children behaving badly and not doing what they are told. -
10. A person who is in good physical condition, who does a lot of exercise and doesn’t tire easily after hard physical work. -
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 Choose an adjective or adverb to correctly complete the sentence.

1.  That soup smells
2.  Did you feel before the interview?
3.  She looked at me when I said I didn't want to see her anymore.
4.  Please leave the room .
5.  Pepito plays the trumpet very .
6.  Don't get on that motorbike, it doesn't look .
7.  Don't forget to drive !
8.  The paella tastes .
9.  I'm trying to concentrate. Can you be , please?
10.When you get to New York, please text us so that we know you arrived .
11.Come on, hurry up! Why do you do everything so ?

That soup smells...
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Use the word in capitals at the beginning of the sentence to form a word that fits in the gap. Follow the example.

Example: ROB - The bank only took about 15 minutes and they got away with over half a million euros.
1. STEAL - The value of the watch and jewellery was over $50,000.
2. SMUGGLE - He was caught trying to cross the border with 5 kilos of hashish and charged with .
3. THIEF - Sir, why has it taken you so long to report the of your car?
4. CRIME - Pepito was given a suspended sentence because he had no previous record.
5. ACCIDENT - María apologised to her boyfriend for putting the cocaine in the washing machine.
6. INNOCENT - Everybody at the trial had no doubt about the man's .
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