Change the word in bold (negrita) to complete the sentences. Write the correct word in the space.

a) I think that having the freedom to have sex with other partners will only our relationship.
b) To finish the interview, perhaps you’d like to tell us what you think your and weaknesses are?
a) At the moment the video is 4 minutes long. We need to it to 6 minutes before we upload it to the website.
b) We need to know the of the garage.
a) “Turn the volume down now! The music in here is _.”
b) , poor sight and memory loss are all signs of old age.
a) What’s the maximum of the swimming pool in metres?
b) The mystery when another dead body was found.
a) We are having the entrance so that people in wheelchairs can get in easily.
b) What’s the of the dinning room in metres?
a) The long illness has his mother considerably.
b) His greatest is his inability to make decisions.
a) I’m sorry Rafa, but your four-week holiday allowance has been to two. We all have to do our bit during this recession, you know.
b) I have trouble standing for long periods, I get dizzy when I get up to quickly, my blood pressure is high and I often suffer from a of breath.
a) The plane must reach a of at least 1000 metres before you can jump, otherwise the parachute may not open in time.
b) His makes it easy for him to see well at concerts and get served in a busy pub.
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Choose the best word to complete the sentences.
1. My flat is on the fifth . It’s number 14.
2. After a wedding, the groom, the best man and the father of the bride usually make
3. If you want my , I wouldn't go on holiday to India at that time of year.
4. When Lady Gaga kissed the president on live TV, it was good for her new album and European tour.
5. Have you seen Ford’s new on TV?
6. If you want to find out about what's happening in the world, why don't you listen to the on the radio or TV?
7. I’ve got your telephone number and email, but I've lost your

My flat is on the fifth...
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The Past Continuous

The past continuous or past progressive is used to say that something was happening around a particular time.

  I was having lunch at 2 o’clock.
  What were you doing when I phoned?
  They weren’t sitting in the restaurant when we arrived.

We can use the past continuous and past simple together. In this case, the past continuous is used for the longer action and to provide background. The past simple is used for the shorter action.

  We were driving along when suddenly a dog ran out in front of the car.
  She sent me a text message while I was waiting for her.

Choose the best tense for the following sentences.

1. I saw Sofia last week. She her arm while she .
2. I bought a beer and over to the table to join in the conversation. They about football when I sat down.
3. It’s difficult to believe that this time last week we along 5th Avenue in New York a hot dog.
4. It was a beautiful day yesterday. When I left home the sun and the birds . It good to be alive.
5. Suddenly, I out of the car window and I that we past Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.
6. When I Sandra in the pub last night she Guinness!
7. I my girlfriend while I around Australia.
8. Yesterday, I home to find that my 14-year-old son my best single malt whisky.
9. Simon me that the reason his wife was never at home was because she an affair with her Karate instructor. I him to do nothing.
10. While I for the train, someone their hand in my pocket and my iPod.
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So am I, Neither am I.

So am I significa 'yo también'. We can also say "I am too".

So does she means “she does too”. So has he means “he has too” etc.

Neither am I and nor am I significan 'yo tampoco'. We can also say “I’m not either”.

   He’s Spanish, and so am I.
   She’s from Buenos Aires, and so am I.
   I was angry, and so was my wife.
   I can’t speak French, and neither can he.
   I hate swimming, and so does she.
   "I’ve forgotten his name." – "So have I!"

Complete the sentences with so am I, neither/nor am I etc. in the correct form.

1. She’s learning Chinese, and her husband.
2. ‘I’ve decided to lose weight.’ – ‘.’
3. I can’t drive, and my wife.
4. ‘I love travelling.’ – ‘.’
5. Julie won’t be at the meeting, and Stuart.
6. ‘I bought an iPhone.’ – ‘ Gary’.
7. ‘He’s tall and really attractive.’ – ‘ his brother.’
8. ‘You look tired.’ – ‘ you.’
9. ‘We weren’t surprised.’ – ‘ we.’
10. The hotel was terrible, and the food.

She's learning Chinese, and ...

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