Say or Tell?

· After tell, we usually say who is spoken to and we do not put to before the object.
Example: Tell me your name.
· After say, we don't have to say who is spoken to. If we do, we put to before the object.
Example: What did your boss say to you?
Tell means to inform or instruct.
Example: Tell me how to do it.
Notice the following expressions: tell a lie / tell the truth, tell a story, say something in Chinese, tell me his name, say 'yes'.
Complete the following sentences with the correct form of say or tell.
1. Why didn't you goodbye?
2. me what you need to get the job done.
3. Who that?
4. her to shut her mouth and be quiet.
5. Pepito his girlfriend he was going to Las Vegas for a week. She wasn't happy.
6. me that you love me.
7. I'm sorry, did you something to me?
8. My son doesn't me anything lately. He's so secretive.
9. Have you your boss that you need next week off work?
10. I that I need to speak to you face to face.
11. I'm sorry, I can't hear you very well. What did you ?

Why didn't you ... goodbye?
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The following words can easily be confused. Complete the sentences by using the most suitable word.
1. I saw my ex-girlfriend in the street yesterday, but I quickly went into a shop to speaking to her.
2. Motor bikers wear leather clothes and crash helmets to themselves against falling off at high speed.
3. During the Fallas festival in Valencia they have to the buses and cars because a lot of streets are closed to traffic.
4. Homer tried to Bart from going out with his friends.
5. More soldiers are needed to terrorists in high security prisons.
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 Choose the correct response.

1. I'm afraid I haven't done it yet.
a) Don't be afraid.
b) Don't worry, there's no rush.
c) Chill man, it's gone off.

2. Who goes first?
a) You do.
b) I go once a week.
c) Are we going already?

3. Sorry, I can't come next week.
a) Never mind, I'll text you.
b) What size is it?
c) Come again?

4. What do you reckon?
a) A blue shirt and jeans.
b) Skiing and windsurfing.
c) I've got no idea.

5. Would you go along with that?
a) Only if I could drive there.
b) Not really.
c) It depends who's going.
  6. Whose turn is it?
a) It's a bad turn.
b) You turn around.
c) Mine.

7. Is that a new top?
a) Yes, I got it yesterday. Do you like it?
b) Yes. you're on top.
c) Yes, I charged 40 euros.

8. What time's the meeting?
a) Nice to meet you.
b) Yesterday afternoon.
c) It's been put off.

9. Alright mate?
a) Alright?
b) My flatmate.
c) No, it's wrong.

10. Are you a bit chilly?
a) No, actually I've lost 4 kilos.
b) A bit, can we turn the air con off?
c) Yes, ever since my mum died.

Who goes first?
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Take the information in the first sentence and re-write it, using the word in capitals so that the second sentence has the same meaning.
You cannot change the word in capitals. Write between 3 and 5 words in the space including the word in capitals. Follow the example.

Example: What a shame. They drank all the beer.
   I all the beer.

1. He doesn't have enough money to buy the iPad.
The iPad to buy.
2. "You should start doing a new sport, Pepito", the doctor said.
The Doctor advised a new sport.
3. Pepito suddenly realised that the neighbour was watching him.
Pepito suddenly realised that he the neighbour.
4. I could never have passed that interview without your help.
I could never have passed that interview
5. We paid some people to paint the flat for us last Easter.
We the flat last Easter.
6. Sandra hasn’t been to Cadiz before.
It Cadiz.
7. I last saw Pepito two months ago.
I two months.
8. We last went to Seville three years ago.
It we last went to Seville.

He doesn't have enough
money to buy the iPad.
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