More Gerunds and Infinitives

Some expressions in English are followed by gerunds.

For example:

There’s no point in…There’s no point in taking the car. We’ll never find a place to park.
I can’t help…I can’t help thinking how stupid I was not to do what you suggested in the beginning.
I can’t stand…I can’t stand hanging on the phone and listening to stupid music when companies put me on hold.
Have a problem/Have (some) problems/Have no problem… - I’m afraid I’m having problems understanding your accent.
It’s no use…It’s no use asking Simon to give you a lift. His car’s being repaired.
It’s a waste of time/money…It’s a waste of money buying mobile phone applications when there are so many good free ones available.

Complete the following sentences with one word taken from the previous expressions.

1. She has no answering the phone and dealing with emails, it’s the software program she’s having trouble with.
2. It’s a of money getting the additional insurance for the laptop. It’s almost the same price to buy a new one.
3. There’s no in asking Jenny to bring any food. She’s a terrible cook.
4. It’s no phoning on a Monday, they’ll be closed.
5. I can’t laughing when I hear the name Donald. I used to go to school with a boy called Donald Duck.
6. I can’t taking the early red-eye flight when I travel by plane. It takes me days to catch up on my sleep.
7. I help wondering what my life would be like now if I had got married three years ago.
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Choose the best words or phrases to complete the sentences.
1. having an iMac, three laptops and an iPhone, Pepito decided to buy an iPad.
2. My dad put me under a lot of pressure to study law and become a lawyer, what I really wanted to do was be a gardener.
3. Even neither of us like Kevin Costner, we decided to see the film.
4. Pete and Suzie have had another baby, the fact that Pete lost his job last year.
5. Sally and Dean were poor, they weren't unhappy.
6. Kevin’s a good guy to go out and have a beer with, he gets a bit aggressive when he’s had too much to drink,
7. We didn’t go to the British Museum, staying in a hotel only 10 minutes walk from it.
8. My sister’s gone skiing in the Pyrenees, of the lack of snow this year.
9. I didn’t think that much of her when we first spoke on the phone. , the first time we met in person it was love at first sight.
10. I’d love to go to New York for a couple of weeks. , it’s so expensive at the moment, I think I’ll go to London instead.

My dad put me under a lot of pressure
to study law and become a lawyer...

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Complete the following sentences with like or as.

1. You should try this paté made from frogs and snake heads. It tastes just chicken.
2. My mate Kevin works an English teacher in Vietnam.
3. ……and when he found out that ‘she’ was a actually a ‘he’, a ladyboy, he came running out of the room a madman!
4. I can’t believe you’re buying an Apple Mac Book Pro. I though you were a Windows PC guy, me.
5. No, you’re doing it all wrong! Let me show you. Look, you do it this.
6. I think I’ve heard this song before. It sounds Black Eyed Peas.
7. I went out for a few beers and a curry with Bob last night. It cost me a bloody fortune! Bob didn’t have any money usual.
8. Selling stuff on eBay is fine just a hobby or to make a bit of extra cash, but you can’t make a living out of it.
9. I used her bra a catapult and killed two birds with one stone.
10. In my opinion, some hobbies horse riding, skiing and wind-surfing are more trouble than they’re worth.
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Write the verb in brackets as a gerund or an infinitive to complete the following sentences.

1. He advised me (wait) until next June before taking the FCE exam.
2. The British government denies (sell) chemical weapons to Libya.
3. They suggested (have) dinner in a little Italian restaurant round the corner.
4. My boss agreed (extend) my contract for another year.
5. Pepito admitted (steal) the money.
6. We can’t afford (buy) a new car.
7. Would you mind (give) me a lift to the station?
8. Did you happen (see) what’s on the agenda for the next meeting?
9. Did Susan remind you (get) a bottle of wine on your way home from work?
10. I really appreciate (be) given an appointment at such short notice.
...taking the FCE exam

¿conoces el FCE exam?

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