A lonely frog called a psychic telephone hotline. The psychic advisor told the frog, "You will meet a beautiful young woman who will want to learn all about you,"
The frog got very excited and asked the advisor, "Where will I meet this beautiful young woman? By the river? In the pond? Next to the mountain stream?"
"No," she said. "In biology class."



1. It’s a good reason to go to work every day
2. It helps to create more honest communication
3. It reduces complaints about low pay
4. Employees tell management what they think, not what management wants to hear
5. It encourages car pooling
6. It increase job satisfaction because if you have a bad job, you don’t care
7. It makes your workmates look better
8. Bosses are more likely to raise your salary when they are drunk
9. Employees work later because there’s no longer a need to relax in the bar after work
10. It makes everyone more open with their ideas
11. It eliminates the need for employees to get drunk on their lunch breaks
12. Employees no longer need coffee in the morning to sober up
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